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Institutional Funding Programs Offered or Sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

The Graduate School awards approximately $1 million annually in institutional grants or fellowships to faculty on the Main Campus. These grants are intended to foster artistic expression, research and innovation, and academic scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences and to promote and sustain a strong culture of teaching and collaboration. In aggregate, we offer six competitive programs and one non-competitive program, annually, with awards ranging from $300 to $45,000. Applications will be considered by members of the Internal Grant Review Committee.

Competitive Awards made to faculty per fiscal year:



Application Process

The Internal Proposal Routing System (IPRS) is the Graduate School's on-line application system dedicated for the submission and review of all applications to the Faculty Internal Research Support Programs. If you wish to apply to one of our programs, click Internal Proposal Routing System (IPRS) and enter your NETID and password and select "new transmittal form." You will be required to complete the transmittal and upload all materials required as per the individual program guidelines. Writers of letters of support also will be required to submit their letters via the IPRS. The IPRS will not confirm receipt of an application; contact Maria Snyder at to verify that it was received.

IMPORTANT: Application materials uploaded in PDF format is preferred. If you choose to use Word or Excel, please be aware that only documents saved in earlier versions of Windows (2003, 1997) will be uploaded to the application; documents created in Vista or newer versions of Word or Excel will need to be saved as a ".doc" or ".xls" before they can be uploaded.

Note to Novice Applicants: New faculty members will need to be manually added to the IPRS. Please contact Maria Snyder at to obtain access to the IPRS or if you encounter any other technical difficulties.

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