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U.S. Department of Justice

The National Institute of Justice at the U.S. Department of Justice offers the following Fellowship programs:

W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship Program: to provide talented researchers with an opportunity, early in their career, to elevate independently generated research and ideas to the level of national discussion. Although the specific areas of focus vary each year, any research funded under this program should have direct implications for criminal justice policy and practice in the United States.

Visiting Fellows Program: is designed to support important foundational scholarship, "capstone" research, or other important work in an established line of research. Alternately, it may support scholarship in an important and innovative research field that has the potential to establish a new area of criminal justice research. Applicants in all areas of criminal justice scholarship pertinent to NIJ's broad research mission — including the social sciences, forensic sciences and criminal justice technology — are eligible for a Visiting Fellowship. We encourage researchers from a broad range of disciplines to consider how their work in areas related to crime and justice might be supported through the NIJ Visiting Fellows Program.

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